I was able to recover the erased images from my Compact Flash camera memory card, using Recover98 -

Here are the images that confounded the FAA:


This one was particularly troublesome- this is a photocopy from a brochure describing a commercial scanner designed to help the nearly blind to read. When I showed them how to view all my recorded images, Airport security apparently thought this might be some sort of documentation of "airport security scanning equipment"- both the FAA and the FBI apparently accepted this as sufficient reason for my detention.


There were a number of photocopies of this photo- my great-grandmother, and grandmother, riding a carriage in Port Angeles, Washington, in the late 19th century (I'm glad I managed to save these!)


Several shots of the Olympic Mountains peeking out of the clouds, taken through the window during my flight from Seattle.


The first of two photos taken in the Honolulu Inter Island Terminal, on my arrival from Seattle


The photo that precipitated my 3 hour detention, and the confiscation of my camera. AKAL Security, and the FAA, thought this photo showed an attempt to document airport security, for terroristic purposes. As mentioned by the FBI during my interrogation, there is in fact an image of a security camera included in this photo (I was not aware of this, at the time I took the photo). My camera and memory card were confiscated, and were not released until all of these images had been "erased" from the memory card.


Might my publishing this photo be grounds for arrest, as a security threat to the United States? Dunno... contact my legislators, if you don't hear from me again.


Please remember to completely PURGE & SHRED these images from your cache files & hard drive- simply deleting them may not protect you from prosecution.